1) What is QingZhang eye drops made of? Where is QingZhang eye drops produced?

QingZhang eye drops is essence extracted from mainly roots of herbaceous plants, 100% Free of chemical preservatives, antibiotics, with No side effects, No after effects and absolutely safe!

QingZhang eye drops is produced in Malaysia. 

2) What are the main functions of QingZhang eye drops?

All eye related problems:

(a) Vascular occlusion / degradation of the nervous system
(b) Accumulated toxins
(c) Bacterial infection

    The root cause of most problems is "cellular" aging, whereby various parts of the eye do not function normally, or abnormal metabolism. QingZhang eye drops act to restore various functions in every part of the eyes, restore blood vessel of the eye, eliminate toxins and kill all the bacteria. Once these problems are resolved, eyes will be able to function normally.

    3) How long have QingZhang eye drops been marketed and how many people have used it? Why have we not heard of it before?

    QingZhang eye drops had been in market for over 15 years in Malaysia with several hundred thousand people have used it. It is marketed under the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is not well promoted in Malaysia compare to western medicine. Currently only marketed in Malaysia, Remedy4Eye.com is the first online shop that promotes and markets the product outside Malaysia.

    4) Can QingZhang eye drops use all eye illnesses?

    YES. No matter how serious the problem and regardless of how long you suffered from your eye problem, you can minister it with QingZhang eye drops.

    5) Blind person can see again! This cannot be true…..

    YES, QingZhang eye drops had cured numerous blind patients; you can watch the video on our testimonial page to access yourself. Both videos are true cases. However, QingZhang eye drops DO NOT provide 100% guarantee on curing all cases of blindness since the success rate of the healing depends on the individual body condition, lifestyles, environment, occupation, seriousness of the eye illnesses and other factors.

    6) How much do we have to use QingZhang eye drops each day to be effective? Will there be an overdose situation?

    Shake well before use. Instil 1-2 drops each application for 4-6 times a day during treatment or 1-2 times a day for maintenance purposes.

    First time user reactions:

    (a) Prickling or stinging sensation

    (Due to Dry Eye Syndrome caused by overuse of electronic device e.g. Computer, smart phone, TV, tablets and etc., oily and fried food, lifestyles, polluted environment, lack of sleep and etc. that scarred the surface of the cornea)

    (b) Slightly blur

    (Due to the heat emitted from the eyes once the eyes comes moist)

    (c) Slightly red eye

    (Due to improve blood circulation)

    Please consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

    QingZhang eye drops is a natural product, therefore there are no concern about overdose. One can even use the entire bottle in one day.

    7) Why do we have to use QingZhang eye drops 1 full course for a period of 3 months (3 bottles)?

    All illnesses surfaced only after a period of time and due to a number of factors, therefore it takes at least 3 months to resolve the many different areas to see the result.

    8) Do we need to use QingZhang eye drops over long period of time?

    Eye care is something long term. Should start from young in this technology age where we exposed ourselves and our kids to electronic devices, unhealthy lifestyles or food, polluted environment and many others stressful and damaging situation to the eyes.

    9) How do we prove QingZhang eye drops’ effectiveness?

    Best proof is improvement in your own vision, this is self-explanatory.

    10) Is QingZhang eye drops 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    QingZhang eye drops DO NOT provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most of our users see improvement after 3 months course. The success rate of the healing depends on the individual body condition, lifestyles, environment, occupation, seriousness of the eye illnesses and other factors.

    Ask yourself. Can any doctors provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for any treatment? 

    11)  I'm afraid some sequelae (after-effects), what should we do?

    Don’t worry, QingZhang eye drops had over 15 years history in Malaysia with more than several hundred thousand users. Not a single person had complained about sequelae (after-effects).

    In fact most of the western treatments have greater sequelae (after effects) such as surgery, consuming western medicine, indiscriminate use of chemical eye drops and so on.

    12) Can children or pregnant women use QingZhang eye drops?

    Anyone can use QingZhang eye drops, including babies.

    13) I am still undergoing treatment from my doctor, can I use QingZhang eye drops same time?

    Yes you can. If you had just completed a surgery, it’s better to follow Doctor’s advice to continue the follow up treatment.

    14) My eye sight is still good; can I use QingZhang eye drops?

    Good sight doesn’t mean your eyes are free from problem. Everyone have some kind of eye problem, it is just that we are not aware of our eye problem. When we notice the problem, it will be too late.

    Prevention is better than cure; therefore protect the window to our soul. This will lead to a more beautiful world.

    15) How long do we have to use before we can notice any results?

    Every pair of eyes is different, physical condition is also different. Hence, there will not be a definite time to experience result.

    However, most of our users see positive results in 1 course (3 months).

    16) What are the other taboos or don’ts we need to take notice?

    Be careful of your drinking habit, stop eating spicy & fired food, and stay jovial. Sleep and wake up early as well.

    17) Why do the eyes become red after using QingZhang eye drops? How long will it last?

    (a) Our eyes are filled with fine blood vessels; QingZhang eye drops restore the vein and improve blood circulation. Therefore, the white area will look red due to expansion of the veins. However, blood pressure will return to normal after several minutes.

    (b) Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory on liver linkages to our eyesight, "liver-fire" (the heatiness of the liver) will cause the eyes to become red. Once we solve the issue of "liver-fire", the redness will be cleared.

    18) Why do we get swollen eye after using QingZhang eye drops?

    (a) During the process of removing the toxins from the eye, the blood veins will expand resulting in temporary swelling of the eye.

    (b) In case of bacterial infection, QingZhang eye drops is a natural bactericidal. Therefore, swelling is a natural phenomenon.

    19) Why do eyes have prickling or stinging sensation after using QingZhang eye drops?

    This is more evident for those with dry-eyes syndrome. During the process of providing moisture to the eye, vein muscles became active leading to the prickling or stinging sensation.

    20) Why cataracts regrow even after surgery to remove it?

    Surgery only resolves the surface of the problem and not the root of the problem. After surgery, lack of eye care may result in recurring cases.

    It is very unfortunate current modern medicine do not solve this problem, patients still expose to high risk after spending money in search for cure. Thankfully QingZhang eye drops is able to resolve the problem with no risk, with no side effects & no after-effects.

    21) Why there are eye discharges after using QingZhang eye drops?

    Congratulations! This is by-product of detoxification process. Think about it, it has been long time since childhood days where they have eye discharge. Proof that cleansing is taking place.

    22) My eyes is very dry, would QingZhang eye drops help improve my condition?

    Eyes continuously secretes liquid to moisten the eyes, when the secretion tube is blocked or damaged, eyes becomes dry leading to dry eye syndrome.

    pH of QingZhang eye drops and tears is the same. QingZhang eye drops will moist the eyes and unblock the secretion tube at the same time.

    23) I have cataract again, can QingZhang eye drops help?

    Cataract is caused by degradation of the metabolic system. To help the eyes, metabolic system and our body function must improve together. QingZhang eye drops can help the eyes while we should also pay attention on our physical body.

    Note: Surgery or Laser treatment treats surface problems only not the root of the problem.  If there are alternatives, avoid surgery or laser treatment.

    24) I have floaters and black spots all over my eyes, can QingZhang eye drops help?

    The eyes are not able to discharge debris in the eyes leading to floaters. When QingZhang eye drops restore the blood lines and discharge the black debris, the problem will be solved.

    25) My eyes is injured, can QingZhang eye drops help?

    Eye injury can be contaminated by bacteria easily; QingZhang eye drops can sterilize and strengthen the immune system.

    Note: At this time, the tears may have bloodshot. Don’t be alarm.

    26) My eyesight is blurry due to aging/myopia, can QingZhang eye drops help?

    These are common problems caused by lens & ciliary body. Prolonged pressure on the lens on ciliary body; when it becomes thick, it causes myopia. As we get older, our ciliary body degrade or become loose causing lens thinning leading to blurry eyes.

    QingZhang eye drops regulate the ciliary body cells to improve this condition.

    27) I have glaucoma, can QingZhang eye drops help?

    There is chamber to regulate water pressure in the eyes, once the eyes is not well, the pressure rises and eventually leads to glaucoma. QingZhang eye drops rejuvenate the damaged cells to restore back your eyesight.

    28) I have night blindness and cannot drive at night. Can QingZhang eye drops help?

    Night blindness is caused by disorder in the UV receptor. Therefore, our vision is blurry under darkness.  QingZhang eye drops is able to rejuvenate our cells and are able to improve our sight.

    29) If QingZhang eye drops is so effective, why our government is not promoting it?

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for more than few thousand years, yet government worldwide do not promote it. We believe the main reason is because the dominance of the big pharmaceutical companies suppressing alternative natural treatment that cost less.

    30) Why surgery or laser treatment is the last option?

    Surgery or laser treatment damages blood lines and nerve system. If the surgery or laser treatment is not done properly, it will also leads to other damage or bacterial infection.

    Damaged eyes will have after effects with no end to your problems. This could only be a small percentage, but you might be one of them.

    Note: In Taiwan, the father of Laser surgery retired because he cannot prevent the after-effect.

    31) Will health supplements help improve the eyes?

    We all know eyes require nutrients, but when the eye bloodline is blocked, how can the nutrients reach its destination? If our metabolism system is not working well, how our body absorbed the nutrients.

    32) How many bottles of QingZhang eye drops do I need?

    Each box contains 3 bottles. Each bottle is 10ml contain approximately 250 drops application.

    For treatment, use 4 times a day, each time 1 drop, 1 box of 3 bottles can lasts up to about 3 months.

    For maintenance use, 2 times a day, each time 1 drop, 1 box of 3 bottles can last more than 6 months

    33) Other eye drops brand are only selling much cheaper per bottle compare to yours, why?

    Alternative eye drops contains chemical ingredients like preservative, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agent. Excessive use will also damage the eyes and importantly it does not produce the result that we are experiencing. 

    34) Have you done any survey of the success rate of using QingZhang eye drops?

    Survey as at 2016:

    (a) Presbyopia 50%-80%
    (b) Cataract 60%-80%
    (c) Floaters 60%-90%
    (d) Dry eye syndrome 70%-90%
    (e) Myopia and Hyperopia 70%-90%