Things to take note

  1. Use only glass or porcelain material for steeping and drinking. For easier and convenient steeping and drinking, you can use a glass steeping bottle or cup like Image 1 below. Do not use metals or ceramic teapot make of clay or other materials.
  2. Store in odorless and dry place since the tea leaves is prone to absorbing unwanted smells like fragrance or moisture especially when dried. Preferably store in separate box or container in a dry and ventilated place with temperature of (24-28°C / 75-82°F). The storage location should avoid direct sunlight and rain. Dispose the teabags if it is accidentally dampened by water during storage since the tea leaves might be contaminated by mold. 
  3. 1 to 5 tea bags per person per day consumption. Preferably steep and re-steep the 1 to 5 tea bags at the same time for the day.
  4. Use about 100ml (3.38fl oz) to 200ml (6.76fl oz) water per steep depending on your convenience with recommended minimum 500ml (16.90fl oz) and maximum 1 liter (33.81fl oz) consumption per person per day.
  5. Best consume warm minutes after steeped. Best to sip a cup of warm tea several times rather than down it all at once. Do not heat up the cold tea water using hot water or any other ways for consumption. Do not consume cold or overnight tea or re-steep used tea bag for next day consumption. This point is especially important for someone that have gastric or stomach problem, eg discomfort or ulcers. Steeped tea will oxidized when left too long before consumption and oxidized tea is less effective to health. Overnight tea or used tea bag(s) can be used for external usage or animal consumption.
  6. Preferably consume at least 1 hour after full meals and at least 2 hours after medication. Best time, after breakfast and after lunch. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Do not drink large amount at one time.
  7. Do not mix the tea with other beverages or add any sugar or creamer. Drink the tea as-it-is.
  8. The aroma and taste of the century organic tea may vary from order to order due to the different seasonal or location of harvest.

 User Reactions

1. For caffeine sensitivity, dispose the water on the 1st steep or first 2 steeps depending on individual caffeine tolerance level by observing the following symptoms:- 

     a. Headache
     b. Jitters
     c. Insomnia
     d. Restlessness
     e. Anxiousness
     f. Racing heartbeate. Anxiousness
     g. Higher urgency and frequency of urination that irritates the bladder

Example: - If you experience the above symptoms on the day then dispose the water from the 1st steep on the next day consumption and in case you still experience the above symptoms then dispose the first 2 steeps on the following day consumption and so on. Based on our analysis, most of the caffeine of the tea are removed after the first 2 steeps.

Steep with about 200ml (6.76fl oz) water at boiling temperature (100°C / 212°F) for about 30 seconds to remove the caffeine.

Century Organic Tea contain lower level of caffeine compared to other tea or coffee.

The disposed tea water can be used as follows: -

     a. Mix with animals or pets drinking water or wash any skin problems. It has anti inflammation properties. Many testimonials on improving skin problems.
     b. Water the plants
     c. Wash your skin especially face or hair. Many testimonials on improving the skin problem like acne, rashes, wound, hair loss and others. Improve the skin texture and elasticity. Do not need to wash away the disposed tea water from your skin with clean water unless you feel uneasy like itchiness.
     d. Wash your eyes.

2. Other reactions

     a. Dizziness or easily tired – Due to lowered blood sugar or glucose or lowered blood pressure properties of the tea.

Reduce the consumption of the tea or consume some sugary food or drinks if you are not on diabetic or high blood pressure medication. If you are on medication, please refer to our Caution section for further instruction. 


1. For Diabetic patients on medication, please monitor your blood sugar or glucose level while taking your diabetic medication and our Century Organic tea. The reason is because once our tea improved your pancreas in regulating your sugar or glucose level, your blood sugar or glucose level might drops drastically if you are still on medication. Symptoms of low blood sugar or glucose: -

     a. Feeling tired
     b. Dizziness
     c. Feeling hungry
     d. Tingling lips
     e. Feeling shaky or trembling
     f. Fast or pounding heartbeat (palpitations)
     g. Becoming easily irritated, tearful, anxious, or moody
     h. Turning pale

With that, we would suggest that you consult your doctor if you could slowly reduce or stop your diabetic medication if you found your blood sugar or glucose level had dropped more than usual after consuming our Century Organic tea. We believe the natural way in regulating your blood sugar or glucose by improving the body metabolized sugar or glucose is a much better way than depending on medication.

The above Caution apply similarly to High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol patients on medication once you experience the symptoms of much lower blood pressure or bad cholesterol after consuming our Century Organic Tea. Please consult your doctor if you could slowly reduce or stop your medication if you found your blood pressure or bad cholesterol have dropped more than usual after consuming our Century Organic tea.

Drink our Century Organic Tea at least 2 hours after taking medication.

2. Reduced consumption during menstrual period. Do not consume during pregnancy or age below 5 years old.


Glass Steeping Bottle and Cup

Glass Brewing BottleGlass Brewing Cup


Information on A Truly 100% Organic Tea with Amazing Health Benefits

Information on A Truly 100% Organic Tea with Amazing Health BenefitsInformation on A Truly 100% Organic Tea with Amazing Health Benefits