1. What so special about Century Organic Tea compare to other organic tea brand?

Our Century Organic Tea is uniquely different from other normal farmed/cultivated organic tea since it is harvested from at least 100-years old rare wild tea trees at the remote mountain more than 1,500 meter (4,921 ft) of Yunnan, China that contained extremely high nutrients derived from the organic nutrient-rich soil that helps to improve our overall health where most people do not experience such health benefits from other organic tea.

The nutrients are *Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), Antioxidants, Calorie Free, an amino acid called L-theanine, Polysaccharides and many more beneficial properties that helps in improving our overall health.

Other beneficial properties, Catechin (powerful anti-oxidation and anti-aging effect), Vitamin C, Potassium (reduce high blood pressure, prevent strokes, reduce other heart diseases), Minerals (Calcium, Manganese, etc), Methylxanthines (helps in respiratory system like cough, alertness, reduce heart diseases, improved blood circulation, raised HDL ("good") & reduces LDL ("bad") cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, improved cognition & brain health etc), enzymes.

One of the main function of our Century Organic Tea is to improve the blood circulatory system so that it's or other nutrients can be deliver to all the cells in the body. Century Organic Tea improved the blood circulation by treating the cause of the bad blood circulation like regulate our Blood Pressure, regulate Blood Sugar or Glucose Level, raised HDL ("good") & reduces LDL ("bad") cholesterol and others.

The amazing beneficial properties are due to the deep roots of the century old wild tea tree with at least 10meter (33ft) deep as shown below that are able to absorb more nutrients from deep earth to nourish the tree especially the leaves. Century old wild tea tree grows naturally at high mountain with organic nutrient-rich soil and does not need any fertilizer that are commonly used on the cultivated/farmed tea tree. Due to the age and deep root, the century old wild tea tree grows much higher compare to cultivated/farmed tea tree that required the farmers to climb the tea tree in order to harvest as shown on the image and video clip below.

Our Century Organic Tea is truly organic in every step of the process from harvest, traditional wok hand-roast & dried under the sun and packed by hand using tea bags that are made of natural corn fiber material instead of commonly used non-woven fabrics or food grade material that are chemically produced.


* EGCG Benefits

-  Protects Against Cell Damage (Antioxidant)
-  Helps Fight Disease. Rich in polyphenols - Have the potential to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and many others.
-  Aids in Weight Loss
-  Anti Inflammation
-  Increases Brain Function
-  Helps in Neurological Diseases
-  Boost Memory

-  Helps Depression
-  Helps in Liver Health
-  Helps in Kidney Health
-  Fight Infections
-  Improved Prostate
-  Stimulate Autophagy
-  Anti-carcinogenic
-  Boost Healthy Skin (Acne, Aging and more)




2. Why Century Organic Tea more expensive than other tea?

    a. The volume of harvest is much lower compare to cultivated / farmed tea due to the limited old wild tea trees mostly in China only.
    b. Harvesting is much more difficult where the farmers need to walk up the remote mountain more than 1,500 meter (4,921 ft) during harvest and then need to climb up the tree to plucked the tea leaves as shown on the image and video clip.
    c. Transportation of the tea is much more difficult from the high mountain since there are no proper logistic and infrastructure.
    d. Harvest period is limited to once per year compare to cultivated / farmed tea 12 to 24 times per year.
    e.  Extremely high nutrients derived from organic nutrient-rich soil at remote high mountain compare to even cultivated organic tea farmed at low land with fertilizer.
    f.  Strict inspection and monitoring during the whole organic process from harvest, traditional wok hand-roast & dried under the sun to packing for final delivery to maintain the high organic quality.

3. Why do I have headache or body pain or ache after drinking Century Organic Tea?

    The reason is because during the process of regulating the body to its original healthy condition, the old injuries due to external or internal causes or long period of consuming medications like pain killers or headache medication which suppressed the pain instead of curing the root cause, those pains will resurface during the process of healing the root cause. Most cases the pain will slowly reduced or stop within a week depend of the seriousness of the root cause. Please persist in drinking our Century Organic Tea and DO NOT take any pain killers when you experience pains but in case the pain is unbearable then reduce the tea consumption for the initial period. Under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) once the root cause of the pain is resolved then the pain won't relapse again.