QingZhang Natural Treatment eye drops 清障天然疗方眼药水

Qingzhang Natural Treatment (QZ) eye drops was founded by a Malaysia Chinese herbalist, Dr Lee, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory in Malaysia more than 15 years ago. It is 100% Free of Chemical Preservatives and Antibiotics, No Known Side Effects, No After Effects and Absolutely Safe!


Old root extract              30%
Seagrass root extract    20%
Natural Pearl extract     20%
Pure Distilled water       30%.

The 3 main functions of QZ eye drops are Cleansing, Repair and Nourish the eyes. With this 3 main functions of Cleansing, Repair and Nourish, most of our users see improvement within 3 to 6 months (at least 1 box of 3 bottles) of usage on most of the eye problems. Please check our User Success Stories at this link https://remedy4eye.com/pages/testimonials.

If you are on permanent or regular medication or severe eye condition, we would strongly recommend to add our Century Organic Tea as part of the eye treatment besides using our QZ eye drops. The reason is because under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a healthy body especially the liver is crucial in order to see a better improvement during the eye treatment.

Here is the information about our Century Organic Tea https://remedy4eye.com/pages/century-organic-tea.

In case if you are worry about the safety of our eye drops and to prove that our QZ eye drops is All-Natural, we have done a Comprehensive Test by Toxicology Laboratory National Poison Centre of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Click here to view the Certificate of Analysis (COA) https://remedy4eye.com/pages/coa

Heavy Metal Analysis by GFAAS and FIMS method. Quantify Level of Heavy Metal presence (Mercury, Lead, Arsenic & Cadmium) - NOT DETECTED
Drug Screening by GCMS Qualitatively Screened for 78 drugs including Steroids - NOT DETECTED
Foods to avoid or reduce during treatment:- Icy drinks, peppers, oily, spicy or fried food.
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), most of the eye problems can be avoided if we can reduce or avoid our common bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles as follows:- 
  1. Do not use nearsightedness glasses to see close up objects like reading books, smart phone, tablets and etc. Most people especially kids are lazy to remove their nearsightedness glasses when they see smart phone or tablets in near distance. When your eyes adapted the near distance with your glasses, you will start to see far distance objects blurry and the eye power will start to increase. The rule of thumb is nearsightedness glasses is meant to see far distance objects not near distance objects.
  2. Avoid seeing bright screens, e.g. smart phone, tablets or TV, in dark places.
  3. Avoid long hours looking at screens, eg. smart phone, computer, TV, tablets.
  4. Avoid over stressing your eyes or seeing object too close (recommended reading distance 15 to 25 inches (38 to 63.5cm) from the eyes.
  5. Sleeping late or lack of sleep.
  6. Stressful mental activities, eg. work or relationship stress or depression.
  7. Not drinking enough water. Symptoms, eg. mouth ulcers, sore throat, cough with sticky phlegm, chapped lips, dry eyes, bad breath

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