QingZhang (QZ) Natural Treatment eye drops

Remedy4Eye QZ is an innovative ophthalmic care product developed by a Malaysian Chinese Herbalist based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It's essence extracted from mainly roots of herbaceous plants and natural pearl extract. Free of Chemical Preservatives, Free of Harmful Drugs and Free of Heavy Metals.  

Remedy4Eye QZ Benefits 

Natural Ingredients

In market over 15 years

No Added Preservatives 

No Known Negative Side Effects

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Certified Laboratory Tests
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Amazing User Success Stories
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Our user testimonial results DO NOT implied that all users will experience similar results. The success rate of the healing and treatment duration vary depends on individual body conditions, age, lifestyles, environment, food intake, occupation and seriousness of the eye diseases.

Our User Success Stories

Double Vision and Watery Eye Recovered

“ Within one week my eyes started feeling so much better. When I woke up in the morning I didn't get the double vision. Also my eyes were less watery and my eyes adjusted a lot quicker. I'm so happy... ”   

By Miranda, United Kingdom

Eye Pain and Redness due to Eye Pressure after Retinal Detachment Surgery Recovered

"After trying for 2 months ... redness of eyes and pain gone. My eye's pressure normalized."

By Koid Beng San

Blindness caused by Eye Stroke improved

“Could not see for 5 years ... One morning when i woke up, I could see colors of my bed sheet, red, yellow, white ... I can see white color so clearly! Am I able to see?!” 

By Siti Hawa

Eye Floaters and Dry Eye Recovered

“After I've applied 3 times, I felt my vision became clearer and my floaters are gone. I feel that QingZhang is very effective. ”

By Annie Kai

Blurry Vision caused by Failed Eye Surgery recovered & Growth in eye gone

“My left eye vision became blurry after surgery, but now I can see clearer and the growth in my eye also disappeared after applying 2 or 3 times. This QingZhang eye drops are incredibly effective!”

By Tan Yue Feng

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